Latex Reparatur Service


Our services

You have a mishap while dressing? Or the zipper has come off? No problem at all! We will gladly repair your latex clothing for you.
Our services include:
  • Replacement of defective zippers
  • Changing arm and leg lengths
  • Repair of cracks, holes and seams etc.
  • Chlorinated latex repair
  • Special requests by arrangement 
Particularly important to us is a craftsmanship and professional execution of our work. For this, we use high quality repair materials that extend the life of their latex clothing and guarantee sustainability.
Schwarzer, gewellter Latex
Bunte Latex Rollen, stehend für Latex Pflege
Before repair: 
Describe us as precisely as possible your repair request and the condition of the clothing.
Please send us Photos of the place to be repairedso that we can assess the damage in the best possible way.
Based on this, we will send you a cost estimate and start the repair after the order confirmation.
Please make sure that your clothing to be repaired is cleaned, oil-free and powdered is, before you bring or send them to us. If you wish, we are also happy to do the cleaning for you. For this we charge per garment depending on the effort from 5 €
Feel free to contact us ☏ by phone, per @ E-Mail or ✆ WhatsApp,to discuss your repair with us.

Get a picture of our work

With great attention to detail, we repair everything from small tears to torn cuffs.

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