Meurers Latex Repair Service

Care instructions

How to properly care for your latex clothing

Give your beloved clothes a long latex life with these hints and tips.

Washing & Drying

Latex must always be washed by hand only. To do this, use lukewarm water and add simple, grease-dissolving dishwashing detergent, without additional cream care or other additives. Special latex care products are also suitable. Do not use conventional detergents under any circumstances.

Leave the latex garment in the water and turn it over several times. Then remove the latex garment, drain the water and rinse with clean water until all detergent residues are removed.
Hängen Sie die Kleidung anschließend auf und lassen Sie diese vollständig trocknen. Wenden Sie die Kleidung während des Trocknens mehrmals.

Latex can absorb water to a limited extent. Therefore, stains may appear with certain colors while they are still wet. However, these disappear when completely dry.

Latex-Stoffe in Regenbogenfarben symbolisch für die korrekte Latex Pflege


If you want to store your latex clothing, powder it with talcum powder on both sides after it is completely dry.
Alternatively, after washing, you can pull the latex clothing through a bath of water mixed with a little silicone oil. This will give the clothes a very even and beautiful shine. Make sure that really all parts of the latex are covered with silicone oil. Then hang the clothes to dry until you are ready to wear them.

Store your latex clothing in a dark, dry and cool place. If possible, use a wide wooden hanger for this purpose. For light-colored latex clothing, make absolutely sure that it is completely dried and only powdered with talcum powder wrapped in a protective film so that it does not come into contact with other objects.