Professioneller Latex Reparatur Service

Novem Viginti

The sophisticated and very special ambience of the sinful Novem Viginti offers you an atmosphere of extraordinary style. and combines bizarre elements of BDSM with the elegant style elements, the symbiosis of opposites. The sessions are aimed at open-minded, well-groomed and tolerant people who have a lot of fun living out their lust and bizarre pleasure. This makes it not only easier, but also more sizzling. Demonstrations almost always take place. For the curious and beginners this is an absolute "must have"!

We offer special and different sessions and role plays.


Novem Viginti
Hansastr. 29 A, 76189 Karlsruhe, Eingang im Hof

Telefon: +49 721 5703516 (Studio)

Telefon: +49 721 9823633 (Studio)